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Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo Review 2017





When we are talking about the best baby jumper, the Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo can’t be left far behind! Wouldn’t it be great to have some time to yourself when the baby is otherwise engaged?

Well, then you should certainly get him a jumper that is a whole lot of fun!This is an excellent jumper, and it is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

It is sturdy, safe and can provide your baby with much-needed entertainment. Know more about it in our detailed review below.

Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper - Roo Review

Amazon is filled with ecstatic moms who love this product because it is so simple and yet so useful. It is a basic jumper but does what it promises to so effortlessly! It makes baby jump with joy as she finds the fun there is in exercising her tiny legs.

Best Baby Jumper

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What makes moms so much in love with it is that this best baby jumper gives them some time to themselves when they can get ahead of household chores that need to be done or eat a meal.

Life certainly can get a little relaxing when you have this!Parents love this product because it helps baby understand the concept of jumping.

Making your little one always lie flat on her back is not good at all and getting this product gives her much-needed exercise, which is great for her physical and gross motor skill development.People also love it because it is so compact.

When folded, it easily gets packed and it can be taken on for some holiday fun!

Product Features

Here is a detailed product description for the Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo.


The design of this best baby jumper is cool. There’s the framed seat which encloses your little one, giving him the comfort he wants. The clamp ensures that it can be fitted with ease on any door frame.

It also assures safety while it is suspended. The spring on this product is fully enclosed, and this ensures that your little one never touches it.

Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper


If you are someone who looks at the size of something before buying, you will love this. This is because it is compact and takes up tiny space in your home, even when your baby is playing in it. Also, it can be packed and put away with ease.

Cleaning it:

When it comes to your baby, you cannot get too obsessed with cleanliness. Cleaning this is as easy as the breeze. Just wipe it clean, and you are ready to go!


The straps can be adjusted to suit your baby’s height and weight. This ensures that you get value for your money.

Color and size:

The product comes in different hues of brown. The dimensions of it are 15 x 11 x 5 inches.

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  • 3 height adjustments possible
  • Product made with safety of baby in mind
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Compact design
  • Priced quite low
  • Portable


  • This is fit for smaller babies only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this product run on batteries?

A: No, this does not require any batteries.

Q: Where can this best baby jumper be suspended from?

A: This is perfect to be suspended from interior doorways or even the ceiling.

Q: Is this a jumper or a walker?

A: The Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo is a jumper.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes, the product has many safety features in it.

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Pointers to keep in mind when choosing the Best Baby Jumper

  • Do not buy anything that is not sturdy or not made with safety as the main intention.
  • The straps of a jumper should be adjustable because every baby has different height and weight.
  • It should be easy to clean.

When you choose the Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo, you will be assured that you are buying something that is just right for your baby’s growth and development.

Final verdict

The Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper – Roo is the best baby jumper because it has a no-frills approach to the whole thing. It has safety first, and the product is designed in a way so as to get baby jumping, which is essential for his physical development.

The development of gross motor skills promptly will ensure that your little one reaches developmental milestones with ease. This product offers just that!Are you thinking of getting it for your baby? Then make sure that you leave a comment below!

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